The name's Marc. 18.
College freshman.
Living the good life.

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Anonymous said: Why do you love your crush so much?

Do you know that feeling where when you met someone, you just know that person is the one? You can see yourself happy without any reason, it just happen. The moment when I got connected to him, I feel like the happiest guy. We Skype, text and call just makes everything better from a really bad day. It’s not just his looks but his personality is amazing, we have too many common interest. I can share anything with him, even if we’re not officially together. He understands me, he cares a lot about me. He’s my life, someone worth keeping. I cannot loose him, ever.

Anonymous said: Your blog is amazing and you're sooooooooo handsome! Who ever your crush is, he's really lucky :)

Thank you, I am so lucky that I have met him, I hope he does feel that way too :)

Anonymous said: Describe your crush/boyfriend.

Blonde, blue eyes, tall, a year older than me, loves the outdoors, so many common interest with me, i love his red cheeks and dimples when he smile 😘☺️❀️

Anonymous said: Who's your crush?

A guy from Tumblr, his blog is amazing! πŸ‘Œ

Anonymous said: Do you have a boyfriend or something?

No, I have a crush on someone.

Anonymous said: You're so hot! <3

Thank you :)